Account Set-Up

»Download the pdf set-up packet for property management.Opens New Browser Window(pdf/969K)

Tenant Screening: Property Management or Community Customers

Management companies, rental property communities (apartments), businesses in the property management field accessing credit and public records information for tenant screening. Employment Screening information is also included for your convenience.

We offer ONLINE and FAX-IN services.

ONLINE: You can access credit reports, Social Security Traces, Address History Reports and criminal and eviction history. Services are instant and cover many databases for your security.
  • Our System is "EASY TO USE"
  • Criminal Records Advantage with Our Regional Search - 4 state criminal searches. We offer our Regional Search (OR, WA, ID, NV) at the same rate other companies' charge for a one state search.
  • Exclusive Regional Search Technology with Additional Names Found - Pacific Screening will search the names found on the credit file, names from your input and our own name derivative technology.
  • Manager and User Features - Users and Managers can have access to multiple properties using ONE password. It's that easy.
  • Customer Service and 60-day User History Available - We are open 7 days a week for you. Our online system is available 24/7. Managers can access search history from all users.
  • Marketing Questions - You can keep track of your traffic. How did the Applicant hear about you? What is the average household income? Customize the questions to fit your needs.
  • Online Application - Your applicants can submit online applications to our system that are automatically processed and forwarded to you.
FAX-IN: You can fax an application to our offices for processing. Once we receive your rental application, our associates research and cross-reference the information from top to bottom. Your Profile, credit and criminal history will be faxed back. Recommendations can be provided to your company based on your criteria.

We have many common forms (Applications, Adverse Action Letters, FCRA Requirements, etc) available for you to use on our Forms Page. Some employment documents are for the exclusive use of Pacific Screening Customers only.

We are unable to provide credit information to the following:

Private Investigator Lawyer or Attorney at Law
Law Firm, Security Service Member of the Media
Credit Repair or Credit Counseling Adult Industry
Credit Reseller Detective Agency
Businesses operating out of the home (if LLC or other business, please contact PSI staff)

To set-up an account, we will need the following completed and faxed to our office:

  • New Customer Information Form
  • Service Agreement and Employment Agreement (if desired)
  • Copy of your Business License
  • Bank Reference
  • Trade Reference
  • Download PDF Set-Up Packet (pdf/969K)
Thank you for your interest in our company. We are here to assist you in anyway we can. If you have questions about our information, please contact Dan or Steve at 800-707-1941.